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35 Million Missed Calls

Imagine returning to work after a break to find you have 35 Million Missed Calls.

Most people would freak out, but if you think outside the box you might just see an opportunity.  That is, if you are an activist trying to get a message out and influence people. When I heard this story it captured my attention for the sheer genius of how this one man reached so many people for so little money. Beyond that it provides a strong case study of just one way culture and message can be harnessed to achieve exponentially scaled success.

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Net Neutrality should be ‘Not Negotiable’

Australia may not have Net Neutrality but the NBN rollout opens the door to revisit what we do have to confirm it is in the public interest.

If you don’t know what Net Neutrality is or are surprised to learn that Australia does not have it then you should probably keep reading.
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Rethinking the Government as Market Shaper

Next time you are listening to someone slam the public sector about lacking innovation show them this video…

Mariana Mazzucato from TEDGlobal2013 but concept here does not date. Challenging the stereotype of government getting in the way of innovation and the private sector by arguing the exact opposite and then asking where the reward is for Government backing all these major R&D technologies in recognition of the massive risk taken in financing them at their infancy. These funds could then be recycled into the community. Take a look and let me know if you see it similarly…

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