Surprising Science of Happiness

It appears that Happiness is only ever Three Months away at worst…

I stumbled across this Ted Talk from 2004 which explains the science behind the two kinds of happiness (Synthetic and Natural in case you didn’t know what they were but) you will be sure to identify with. You learn about how you use your ‘experience simulator’ and how sometimes having more choices can actually be a bad thing for being happy. I found it interesting and you might too, so take a look.

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How Adam Ashley-Cooper got 100 test caps is unlikely to be repeated

Adam Ashley-Cooper reaching 100 Test caps for the Wallabies deserved far more reflection time after the match than it got and got Zero coverage this week….  so I made this video:

The media storm that arose after Bledisloe 3 saw Adam Ashley-Cooper reaching 100 caps set aside which does not do this justice. Well I think it is time to rectify that and I will give a reason for every 10 caps he has in doing so.

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Rethinking the Government as Market Shaper

Next time you are listening to someone slam the public sector about lacking innovation show them this video…

Mariana Mazzucato from TEDGlobal2013 but concept here does not date. Challenging the stereotype of government getting in the way of innovation and the private sector by arguing the exact opposite and then asking where the reward is for Government backing all these major R&D technologies in recognition of the massive risk taken in financing them at their infancy. These funds could then be recycled into the community. Take a look and let me know if you see it similarly…

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