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How to explain the psychology of money

I quote this TEDtalk so often that I decided to embed it here for ease of reference.

If you have ever struggled to explain the impact money has on the human psyche then look no further than this fantastic TEDtalk by Paul Piff (@PKPiff). No surprises to find out that money can appear to make you meaner but the uplifting thing about this presentation is it is not all doom and gloom. Giving “small nudges” at regular intervals can restore empathy and reinforce the value of Co-operation and Community very quickly.

A full transcript of the talk follows but it is best to watch the video, you will not regret it.

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Can Phil Waugh do it all?

Phil Waugh is definitely a name that stands out among the record 29 candidates for this SCG Trust election but his winning one of the two seats on offer is by no means a certainty. 2010 preferential voting ballot results make this very clear but there is more to the story. If people still haven’t voted then they need to take action now and here is why;

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James McNally interview (plus out takes)

James McNally was the first non-international sportsperson elected to the SCG trust and this video touches on the difference he as a member’s member representing us as an SCG Trustee over the last 4 years makes. (See the Poll on the SCGvotes website to find out what the big issues in the election are).

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