James McNally interview

James McNally interview (plus out takes)

James McNally was the first non-international sportsperson elected to the SCG trust and this video touches on the difference he as a member’s member representing us as an SCG Trustee over the last 4 years makes. (See the Poll on the SCGvotes website to find out what the big issues in the election are).

James McNally interview
Would you do what James did in his first Committee vote?

In this short video I asked hint to reflect on just two items over his term and the out takes:

    • 00:05 –  Putting James on the Spot about his first committee meeting.
    • 00:28 – Vote count 14 for and 1 against an increase.
    • 00:52 – No rubber stamps
    • 01:00 – Why should we pay more?
    • 01:18 – Cost of fees is an issue
    • 01:30 – Trust Revenue make up.
    • 02:03 – James “not shy” going to trust with “Member’s feedback”
    • 02:36 – Slow ship to turn but customer service more a focus.
    • 03:00 – see when James notices my voting papers not completed!
    • 03:22 – Message from James to vote if you can.
    • 03:55 – The humble beginning in way he was notified in 2010
    • 04:02 – Getting off the Bus. Work mate says: “I don’t think so”
    • 04:16 – “Been a journey”
    • 04.41 – A lot in the pipeline and all good for the members and guests.
    • 05:06 – More power to us to get another grass roots member elected
    • 05:16 – Good luck with rest of the campaign.
    • 05:20 – Out takes – James almost loses and eye with a clothes peg holding the set together. Ah the professionalism!

I met James as part of my creating the SCGvotes website. In 2010 he was the first member’s member to win the preferential voting lottery and get that crucial second spot as trustee.

Let’s hope we get two true members elected this time around!


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