POLL: What do people really think of Accountants?

As some of you know from my earlier post, The next two days I am going to be talking Accounting!

I thought I would kick things off with a poll running over course of the two day event so if you are reading this now then consider yourself eligible to respond. It will take two seconds to select one of the options and see the results and I think they may surprises some people.

“Go on, tell us what you think…. we can take it!”

As a member of the 2014 Task Force, and co-chairing some of the events at the NSW CPA Public Practice Conference being held on Thursday (29/5) and Friday (30/5) respectively, I will be encouraging all my contacts (whether attending or not) to share their honest view on how they see public practice accountants.

I will be sharing various materials over social media in the next few days primarily via Twitter and LinkedIn so let me know what you think.

You can join the live conversation with me using the Twitter hashtag I have created especially for the event (#CPA14PPC) and add the specific breakout session reference to identify a specific session.

For example, put #B3 in your tweet as well so we know you are talking about the “B3 Cafe session: What your clients really want” specifically and incidentally this is also the first session I am chairing on the list with Justin Naylor , the finance and operations manager at Metier3 architects). Should be a good one.

If you are new to social media, and that sounds too much then take a look at WillCamphin.com and of course if you are actually at the event, make sure you come by and say hello.

I know some viewing this are not overly familiar with social media or it being used in this way, so include  @WillCamphin within your tweet and I will be sure to make sure you do not go unanswered in your first foray into the medium.

Hopefully if the poll results go the wrong way, Greg Fleet will be able to cheer us up on Thursday nights dinner where he is guest speaker!

One thought on “POLL: What do people really think of Accountants?”

  1. Accounting tools (MYOB etc) have changed the dynamic of the small accounting practice. Competition is now for the bigger clients looking in the main for tax planning. PI is expensive advice is cheap and mistakes expensive. Are we missing something possibly web based that we can deliver value to clients that Accounts as the trusted advisors are the best conduit.


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