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What are the best topics at the NSW CPA Public Practice Conference 2014?

As some of you may know I am an active member of CPA Australia and they have asked me to be on the Public Practice Task Force for this 2014 event and I am chairing some of the sessions.

Given not all of the people reading this post have found me the same way, I am flagging now that until the end of May 2014 you will be seeing a few more business and in particular Accounting related posts than usual.

As the case in real life, my standard tweets of all subject political, sports and social will continue too, this will just add to the mix.

There are some really good sessions booked for the NSW Public practice conference 2014 and I want to promote these on LinkedIn among other areas and I needed a centralised forum to do it so this is now it.

Here is a link to book your place CPA Public Practice program for 2014. Here is a download of the event sessions too if you are interested.

I am really looking forward to hearing Greg Fleet as guest speaker at the dinner on the Thursday night too!

In the meantime, even if you are not going why not take the poll below to let me know what you are most interested in:



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