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This relates to all my posts in relation to the relevance of the Accounting professions to small business and in particular micro businesses.

Why is the CEO of CPA Australia interviewing celebs?

Small Businesses are increasingly struggling to understand what being a CPA means and with TV campaigns like this one I don’t blame them.

Why is Alex Malley FCPA interviewing ex-olympians and heavily promoting it in his capacity as CEO of CPA Australia? Why does this constitute CPD to us as CPA members?

There are 10,000+ CPA members in the LinkedIn group I am in, am I the only one asking this? Here as some of my thoughts;

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Great Interview on Law TV on Sky with Alexandra Rose

In just over 5 minutes, Carson Scott asked you to cover trends from USA, Europe and here in Australia in relation to the move from Private Practice to In-house Counsel roles.

Let me know when you have a link to the video as I would like to see it again and share it on my other social media profiles.

Consulting Conundrum

This is a little video I made using GoAnimate a cool drag and drop software that allows you to make cartoons like this one for FREE. I know use it in my business.

This was the first video I ever made on the platform and I have absolutely no experience in this sort of thing. I often get asked where I got my little avatar cartoon from and this is where it is so if this is up your alley I recommend you take a look.