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Twitter Imposters

PLUS a sure fire quick way to spot a Fake Twitter profile

Recently I was amused to find an almost identical replica of my twitter profile and I thought I would share my experience to help those new to Twitter of one tell tale sign that the profile you are looking at is very likely fake…

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Why is the CEO of CPA Australia interviewing celebs?

Small Businesses are increasingly struggling to understand what being a CPA means and with TV campaigns like this one I don’t blame them.

Why is Alex Malley FCPA interviewing ex-olympians and heavily promoting it in his capacity as CEO of CPA Australia? Why does this constitute CPD to us as CPA members?

There are 10,000+ CPA members in the LinkedIn group I am in, am I the only one asking this? Here as some of my thoughts;

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What Surf Life Saving is all about.

I have found myself asking this question a lot lately. 

It came to a head earlier this season when I was watching a televised broadcast of the Iron Man series when something odd was said which caught me by surprise.
In the closing stages of an Iron Man race; 1st and 2nd was decided in an exciting last gasp dash for the finish line when the commentator exclaimed  “now that is what Surf Life Saving is all about..”  and every one just wholeheartedly agreed without qualification.

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