If you like talking about:

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Then you are in the right place and I am keen to hear your views on any or all of the above.

The topics above are diverse (just like people are) but you can filter the site by any of the categories above to match your interest levels.

Here is a taste of what you will find from me:


Passionate about helping small and micro businesses and actively voicing their needs wherever I can.   I help small business owners harness technology in order match if not better the bigger players Online.

I am a voting member of all 3 major Australian Accounting professional bodies namely Institute of Public Accountants, CPA Australia & Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.


Unaffiliated to any political party but pro whatever helps the community and causes the least harm while doing it. Some of my favourite hashtags currently include:

#60mins #ABC730 #MediaWatch #4Corners #QandA  #InsightSBS #Insiders #AusPol #Dateline

I respect good journalism and follow it as well as anyone that I have a good interaction with or is interesting. So if you see me in your twitter feed – don’t be shy, say hi!


Now I love all sports but I am more vocal about Australian Sports. I love to watch games LIVE and especially any Home team playing at the SFS or SCG (i.e. not Homebush). When time permits I like to get in the discussion at #Offsiders or any Union, League, AFL, Cricket or Soccer match where live tweeting is on offer. Particularly vocal for the #Wallabies and #Waratahs


Love getting involved in community activities having made life long friends patrolling as a Surf Life Saver. Obtaining the Gold Medallion in front of family and friends was one of my proudest achievements.


As those who follow me on Twitter would know, I follow people that are interesting and active with me on twitter and sometimes 140 characters is just not enough to cover all the issues.

To resolve this I now hold online live discussion forums to discuss some of the more interesting tweets I have read from people I follow.

Attendance at these live panel forums is by invitation so if you are interested then let me know by twitter and I will add you to the list.

Always keen for a sensible discussion (even if we disagree) on twitter so give me a shout out using @WillCamphin or you can contact me via the contact page on this site.

So there you have a bit about me, now your turn…

Community minded Business, Politics, Sports and Social Commentary.

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