The new Rugby Panel in Town!

The Wallabies played the Springboks in Perth last Saturday and as is usual for me, I was tweeting along with the usual suspects over the course of the match. I must admit, I really enjoy reading the tweets of people I follow that share my interest in rugby and again these creative minds did not fail to deliver.

The tweet below was one that certainly got us all talking:

Other topics that arose included:

  • Review of match #AUSvRSA  (&  #AUSvARG)
  • Super15 vs Test position selections
  • Referees, Yellow Cards
  • ARU Management

Now, over the course of the discussion it dawned on me that the professional commentary teams never seem to cover the topics in quite the same way as I see them covered on Twitter and 140 characters are simply not enough to do them justice.

It was here that I decided to hold my own live online forums and extend it to those I know across social media. (It was also a great way to use the technology I have been playing with but that is a story for another day).

I will use your best tweets, comments and various articles as subject matter and just see where it all goes.

So if this sounds good to you then read on…

For those on Twitter, I have created a public list on my profile called ‘Rugby Panel so if you see your name there then you are one of the people that I enjoy reading tweets about Rugby from and it is very likely you will get a mention.

The Rugby Panel list in its current form is not exhaustive (I am adding to it all the time) so if you think you should be there or you think I have missed someone obvious out then let me know.

I will be sending invites to those that already expressed interest via email to confirm the timing that best suits the majority of attendees which will be limited to just 25 people maximum.

If you want to attend but miss out then this is no problem. Add a comment below to have your two bobs worth and I will do my best to cover it on your behalf.

Now for the more shy of among you, please note that the live event does not require you to participate and you can simply listen in passively to me any my mystery guests on our your smart phone or tablet with headphones.

Now I am asking for your email but I will not be sharing your details with anybody else as this is just so I can manage those invited.

Once I know who is keen I will determine a time tomorrow and send you the online event details with password.

My Rugby Panel Sign Up is below:


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